Window Restoration

Tiffany Stained Glass, Ltd. has over forty years in the field of stained glass window restoration. Our experience is extensive, and covers a wide range of disciplines. Careful attention is placed upon the precise duplication of the original techniques and materials to ensure a perfect match and conservation of the original’s value.

Wood framing restoration cannot be ignored in the scope of specifications for restoration. Our custom millwork can replace damaged structural parts, and our wood consolidation techniques can preserve existing framing where structural concerns are not a primary need.

Consider adapting your vintage stained or beveled glass window into a new decorative art piece for the home or business. We have many options for decorative re-purposing of antique art pieces that can make a stunning addition to your interiors.

Tiffany Window – Private Residence

Original Tiffany Studios masterpiece rendering of the “View at Oyster Bay” was carefully restored after an unfortunate impact damage. Multi-layered glass panes that comprised the signature “Tiffany Plating” technique needed to be replaced, and unique metal structure restored to make the window whole again, leaving no trace of repairs.

Ravinia Festival

Highland Park, IL.

Arts and Crafts stained glass design is a principal feature of this 1904 building. Our restoration matched the broken and missing panels that were lost to weather and casualty.

Residential Stained Glass Window

Impact damage created a loss of original glass as well as a large part of the leaded structure. Missing glass jewels and patterned glass would need to be created.

Restored Window –   Precise matching of the missing and damaged glass parts restored this valued window to its original glory. Thanks to a symmetrical design, the leaded pattern could be matched perfectly.

Gothic Revival Windows

Detailed painted features were expertly prepared and restored to this vintage art piece. Then, new solid oak framing and casement hinging completed the installation of this residential art piece. Custom lights and opal diffusers complete the display for consistent viewing day and night.

Staircase Landing Windows

Eight leaded glass diamond windows were bowed, and leaking water. The windows were removed to the shop for restoration to the damaged glass and structure. Wood frames were stripped and refinished to match the surrounding woodwork. New sash cords installed and re-connected to the counterweights.

Historic Courthouse Windows –

Will County Courthouse, Joliet, IL Three stained glass windows featuring Lincoln, Coolidge, and the Scales of Justice were rescued from the now demolished courthouse, and restored for display in the new building. Wood frames were restored and mounted with flat panel LED lighting for public viewing.

Call us at 312 642 0680 to discuss your window repair needs, or bring your window in to our studio for a free evaluation. Our capable staff will review your window for safety, re-framing for strength and beauty.

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